EQS User Forum 20. og 21. november 2019

The dates for the EQS User Forum 2019 are Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of November. This year’s EQS User Forum will be hosted at Britannia Hotel, one of Trondheim’s best hotels located in the center of Trondheim. For transport, it is possible to take the train to Trondheim Central Station and walk from the station to Dronningens gate where the hotel is located. You may also use Værnes-Ekspressen for the airport to the stop “Britannia Hotell” which is right next to the hotel.

First day will be a traditional User Forum Day with lectures, news in EQS, information and presentations from different EQS usage.

Day two will consist of parallel sessions and lectures. Each participant can attend three sessions, one before and two after lunch. We therefore want everyone to choose 3 sessions and 2 in reserve in case there are too few participants in one session or if two collide on time. User forum ends on Thursday around 3 pm.

Registration is open – Registration form can be found here.

User Forum Wednesday 20. november

Fra 09.00 Registrering
09.45-10.00 Velkommen og informasjon
10.00-11.30 Hva kjennetegner virksomheter som har god kvalitetsstyring, ledelse og effektiv bruk av verktøy? Siv Wergeland og Harald Innbjør – revisjonsleder og kvalitetsrevisor, Wergeland Bedriftsutvikling AS
11.30-12.30 Lunsj
12.30-13.30 Nytt i EQS – Presentasjon av de viktigste nyhetene i EQS v/ utviklingsleder Geir Helling, Extend AS
13.30-13.45 Pause
13.45-14.45 Pilotering av risikomodulen i Bergen kommune Marianne Engum – rådgiver seksjon for administrasjon, Bergen kommune
14.45-15.00 Kaffepause med noe å bite i
15.00-15.45 Internkontrollbekreftelse og oppfølging av handlingsplaner i BN Bank Aud Hovdal – controller, BN Bank
15.45-16.00 Pause
16.00-16.45 Drømmen om Britannia Odd Reitan – gründer og forretningsmann, Rema 1000
19.00 Kveldsarrangement på Britannia Hotel
(We reserve the right to make changes to the program)

Workshop Overview Thursday 21 November:


Lean, visualisering av prosesser og bruk av skjema

Ole Holte Sandvik – Leder prosesskvalitet/LEAN, Nye Veier AS

10.00-10.15 Pause

Parallelle sesjoner A, B, C, D

11.30-12.30 Lunsj

Parallelle sesjoner E, F, G

13.30-13.45 Pause

Parallelle sesjoner E, F, G


Oppsummering og avslutning

(We reserve the right to make changes to the program)
  • Session A “User Management”: This workshop is suitable for those interested in learning user management in EQS. We take a closer look at how to change and create roles, grant these rights, and how to associate a role with a user profile.
  • Session B “Document Overview”: This workshop is suitable for those interested in learning how to get a comprehensive overview of all the documents you have access to in EQS. We take a closer look at the document overview, use of document criteria, custom document attributes, search result customization, export options and use of document lists.
  • Session C “Message Overview”: This workshop is suitable for those interested in how to create reports and statistics of the content of messages that have been registered in EQS. We take a closer look at the message overview, use of message criteria, grouping criteria, customizing search results, export opportunities, how we can link content together using the html editor to simplify access and reporting. There will also be a little tour to the status charts that you find in EQS Dashboard.>
  • Session D “Risk module”: A workshop for those who want to utilize the risk module in EQS. We look more closely at affecting risks, the possibility of several risk forms and “matrix calculator”.
  • Session E “Show & tell”: Here we invite you to show how you have designed the unit’s menu, the use of risk forms, as well as internal training and the use of video. Participants will be given a few minutes each to present their solution, with the opportunity for questions and discussions.
  • Session F “How can quality of service be measured using EQS?”: Hans Donali Tilset – programmer, researcher and subject manager, NTNU Samfunnsforskning AS, tells with the use of examples from the Health and Care Agencies in two Fosen municipalities.
  • Session G “We should have had a form for this in EQS”: Elin Løvtangen – senior adviser, Extend AS, builds a form. Take part in the entire journey from idea to finished, published solution. A real problem is used as an example and everything will be shown live in EQS.

Evening event Britannia Hotel

The dinner on Wednesday evening will be eaten in the Palm Garden at the Britannia Hotel. This is Trondheim’s main living room and natural meeting place, as it has been since the hotel opened in 1870. Here, breakfast is served to hotel guests, as well as great menus for dinner or a lovely buffet lunch, with the best seasonal ingredients, often with historical inspiration.

Registration EQS User Forum 2019

Britannia Hotel

Britannia Hotel

Photo by Lars Petter Pettersen

Britannia Hotel superior rom

Photo by Dreyer Hensley

Britannia Hotel Palmehaven

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Britannia Hotel Spa

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Britannia Hotel

Photo by Lars Petter Pettersen

Britannia Hotel Jonathan Grill

Photo by Lars Petter Pettersen

Britannia Hotel Vinbaren

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Britannia Hotel doorman

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

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