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Courses January – July 2019

The courses are held at Extend in Trondheim.

Kurs January February March April May June July
Top Admin. 15./16. 5./6. 5./6. 2./3. 7./8. 18./19. 2./3.
Unit Admin. 8. 14. 14. 25. 21. 25. 9.
EQS Public On request On request On request On request On request On request On request
EQS Workflow 10. 19. 19. 30. 23. 27. 11.
Please contact us for other courses On request On request On request On request On request On request On request

Deadline for registration is 14 days before the course date. Extend AS reserves the right to cancel a course if the number of participants is not sufficient. Price per day is kr 4500, – excl VAT. If there are more participants from the same company, the participant number two on the same course get 15% discount on the course fee.

Registration for courses must be marked with name of participant, course title and date. Sign up here.

We offer the following courses:

EQS Top Administrator

Basic training for new EQS administrators or a brush up course of EQS for experienced administrators. We go through the setup of EQS, features for documents and document management, layout of messages and message management, message section and filter and process Maps and visualization of processes.

EQS Unit Administrator

This course is intended for unit administrators and covers the administrator functions available for this group. Part of the course is spent on learning publishing and document management, as well as practical problem solving. We also spend some time discussing issues around training of regular users.

Document Attributes – EQS Project

This course is for senior administrators of customers who already have the module. In the course, we examine how we create and use custom document attributes. We also document lists and see how these can be used in documents to provide better overview of the documents. We will also discuss the opportunities that generally occur while using EQS Project.

Dissemination to other sources – EQS Public

This course is for senior administrators who have the module and want to learn how EQS documents can be used in other contexts, such as the Internet, intranet, or for documentation to authorities and certification bodies. In the course, we examine how we prepare documents for export, setting up the documents to be made available and exporting documents from EQS.

Forms and reports/statistics – EQS Workflow

This is a course for senior administrators who deal with building forms and layout of reports / filter in the message list. Primarily this is designed for experienced participants, so the majority of the course will focus on reporting.

Scorecard in EQS

This is a course for those wishing to use EQS for balanced scorecard. In EQS you can create scorecards and reports, and you can follow the achievement of objectives. Included is a template form, adapted to the organization’s own use.

Risk Management

This is a course for customers to adopt the Risk Management module in EQS. In the course a form meeting the organizational needs will be made, and best practices for risk assessment are reviewed.

When purchasing EQS a top administrator course and general is included. Training is usually held at the organizations location and the content is tailored to the individual business-needs.

Extend offers a lot of courses, many are held in Trondheim, but it is also possible to hold a course at the organizations location.

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