Ensure that your business delivers
in compliance with applicable requirements

In compliance with current requirements

In a time where customers demand increasingly high standards, authorities introduce new regulations, and the media closely follows, it is more important than ever to ensure that the business delivers in compliance with current requirements.

EQS Compliance

Through EQS Compliance, you quickly gain an overview of current requirements, and from EQS, you can retrieve information on how your own processes, procedures, and instructions currently meet these requirements. You also obtain information on which employees are familiar with the current requirements and have relevant and sufficient competence in relation to the demands placed, and through internal controls and deviation reporting, you can assess compliance with the requirements. This allows you to quickly identify any deficiencies and determine where measures should be taken to ensure continuous compliance.

Gain an overview of how the business stands in relation to requirements

With EQS, you have a comprehensive management system that provides you with a powerful tool for simplification, improvement, efficient operations, and quality in all deliveries.

Here, one can easily get an overview of how they are positioned overall in relation to, for example, an ISO standard, and they can easily drill down into the various elements.


A comprehensive quality system

EQS is a professional system for internal control, quality, and business management for use by everyone in the business. It is built up of modules that can be used either separately or as part of a comprehensive system. Get started with quality work in your business today – contact us today for a non-binding demo/offer on EQS.

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