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Do you lack an overview and control over the competence within your business? Would it be okay to be notified when the validity of business critical certificates are about to expire? And do you want an easy way to test if employees have understood important documents?

Then EQS Competence could be just what you need. Businesses that have external obligations to certifications must ensure that these obligations are met, and with EQS Competence you will now have the necessary overview and control. In the EQS Competence module you may register competence, extract reports on competence and qualifications needed. In addition, you get a warning on competencies that are about to expire, which is very appropriate for businesses where they have certificates of limited duration. The competency module is part of a comprehensive quality system including document management and incident / nonconformity handling.

Reporting that provides an overview

EQS Competence contains a reporting tool that provides an overview of all users with a given competenc and an overview of users who lack training. An overview of the competence will be available for a department, group or combinations thereof. In the same way, one can get an overview of where the required training is missing.

Competence table

No more business critical certificates expired on date.

Internal tests

Sometimes one needs to make sure that documents are read and understood. In order to test the understanding of documents, EQS is able to create multiple choice questions. The company can then make internal tests relating to individual documents. You decide the questions and how many questions that must be answered correctly for the test to be considered passed. Read more about EQS Implementation.

Benefits and key features:

The Competence module is primarily intended for enterprise-specific training. There may be external approvals and certificates your business and employees need in order to perform specific work. Or there may be needs that are related to various forms of internal training or relating to specific work activities.
• Competency library
• Create competencies for different jobs/positions
• Create internal tests for employees
• Find the right person for the right job
• Flexible workflow for competency validation and powerful reporting options
• Individual Assessment
• Map and validate employee competencies
• Notification of competence that expire
• Overview of critical core competencies
• Perform competency analysis of org units
• Plan employee development
• Reveal the need for training and recruitment
• Show and document competence
• Simple to use and cost effective
• Supervisor Validation

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