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EQS Quality System

EQS is a comprehensive web-based quality and enterprise management tool for use in all types of businesses. The system is composed of several different modules that can be assembled according to the needs of the company. Most companies want a comprehensive quality management system that consists of most modules, but some are only interested in a document management system or a deviation system. The flexibility of the EQS allows you to assemble the modules to your own needs, because users will nevertheless experience it as a comprehensive system.

EQS modules:

EQS Content: Document Control – provides an information portal for all documents of value within an organization.
EQS Workflow: Incident Management – track, analyse, prevent nonconformities and related costs.
EQS Risk Management: Gives you an overview of all the threats – which ones are the most critical and thus the ones that should be prioritized.
EQS Competence: Overview and control over the competences and certificates within your business.
EQS Public: Make selected parts of the EQS content available to external users.
EQS Implementation: Provides managers at various levels in the organization the ability to monitor the implementation of policies in the organization.
EQS Dashboard: Quick overview of key figures in the business.
EQS Language:  Each user can choose and save the desired language for their own user profile.
EQS Project: Use document lists and custom document attributes for more flexible presentation of content.
EQS Offline: Register nonconformities, or other records, anywhere, anytime.
EQS Process: Enables you to visualize processes easily through use of process maps.
EQS Activity Planner: Provides overview of planned activities.

EQS is a web-based management tool that contributes to better overview, increased productivity and efficiency, reduced costs, better quality and security, and more satisfied employees and customers.

As a result of the flexibility in EQS, the system can be adapted to all types of organizations and businesses, regardless of size and business area. EQS can easily facilitate new organizational structures, changes in size and ambition. The software can handle a large number of processes, documents, registrations and users, and is therefore suitable for use in all types of businesses.

With EQS, employees do not use unnecessary time and energy to look for the latest current version of a document. Correct information is easily available for display or use, and the system also has advanced search option. Through a web browser, users have easy access to current documents such as procedures, manuals, checklists, forms, process descriptions, manuals, laws, risk management, incident and deviation registrations, and similar – no matter where you are located.

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“It was important for us to find a system that is flexible and easy to use for everyone in the entire organization.”

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