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Document Management

The Document Control module in EQS provides an information portal for all types of documents of value within an organization – such as guidelines, policies, forms and reports.

Governing, supporting and reporting information is easy to find, as all needed information is just one or two clicks away. An efficient approval process enables decentralisation of document creation while still maintaining control of the publication process. The system streamlines documentation management on all levels and distribution is easy because a document is instantly available upon approval.

EQS is a user-friendly document management system that can help your organization to effectively keep track of information, achieve faster processing times, greater volume of transactions, better profitability margins and contribute to increased productivity and efficiency. EQS meets all ISO requirements and facilitates any certification process. This shown through our customers, where the vast majority of them are accredited or have a certified management system.

EQS can handle large amounts of documents in a logical structure. The system is suitable for all types of documents: Quality-related documents, procedures, manuals, checklists, forms, process descriptions, HSE Manual, legislation etc, all collected in EQS. This reduces vulnerability in connection with personnel replacement, and new employees will find relevant information in one place. Text documents can be created and edited in Word or in the built-in text tool and presented as web pages in EQS.

Example of implementation test

Sometimes it is enough that a staff member confirms to have read and understood the document. Other times it is absolutely necessary to know through a questionnaire that a procedure is understood:

Support for implementation:

With the EQS Implementation module, you can enable implementation support for documents and specify for which users, positions, roles and / or units this is relevant. Each user will then receive information from EQS about which documents that are required to read and understand.

Content from EQS can be exported:

One can define export packages with selected content and publish this either on demand or automatically. Exports form a standalone web site and the content may be published on the internet or intranet or communicated to third parties such as customers, certification bodies and partners.

Benefits and key features:

The overload of information available today increases the need to control the flow of information within organizations. There is a constant exchange of information both internally and externally, and an organization’s success depends on communicating the right comprehensible, clear and up to date information. This demand is often asked for by external requirements arising from different standards and regulations.

• Access to process descriptions and associated information is controlled by the particular user’s membership in the organizational unit
• All information normally placed in header or footer of the process description (version number, name of approver, validity, unit connection, etc.) is handled automatically. Optional attributes (meta data) may also be linked if needed
• Automated function of approval
• Better overview
• Can be used on all types of documents
• Comments on published documents
• Complete traceability and history for all documents
• Easy conversion of Word to html
• Easy to find, create and amend information
• Handles every step of the document lifecycle with full revision history
• Meets all ISO requirements and simplifies the certification process
• Only the final approved version of documents is shown to the users
• Powerful search function
• Simplifies document production and use of documents
• Text documents are created in either Microsoft Word, Open Office or in a built-in text tool, and are presented as regular Web pages in EQS
• User-friendly interface

EQS Implementation gives managers at various levels in the organization the ability to follow implementation of procedures in the organization. Employees must acknowledge that they have read and understood important documents and procedures.

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