Create and design your own forms and checklists with EQS Workflow

You can tailor digital tool support to several of the organization’s processes with your own forms and checklists with the form designer in EQS Workflow.

Many businesses have activities and processes where registrations and processing occur via email, paper forms, or in Excel. With EQS Workflow, you can easily create dedicated registration forms, workflows, and reports yourself, ensuring good practices and full oversight.

Forms for improvement, safety inspections, Job Safety Analysis (SJA), audits, inspections, requisitions, complaints, onboarding of new employees, offboarding, surveys, and checklists are typical examples.

A powerful form editor that provides great freedom

With EQS Workflow, you get accsess to a powerful form editor. In the top administrator course that comes with any delivery from us, you’ll learn how to build forms. For most, the first item on the agenda is to establish a deviation/incident/nonconformity form. Some prefer to start entirely from scratch, while others use one of several available form templates as a starting point. Some want a thorough categorization and root cause analysis, while others want to calculate costs, record the extent of downtime, or assess risks. With EQS Workflow, you can easily design the forms you need to fit your organization’s requirements.

Compared to many other solutions on the market, this provides great flexibility. Do you want to handle both HSE incidents, production deviations, and customer complaints in the same form? Maybe even improvement suggestions? No problem. By utilizing dynamic features in the form, fields are hidden or shown based on the user’s selections. For instance, only when you check that it’s an HSE incident, you’ll be prompted to specify if there was a personal injury and so on.

Forms and checklists with workflows that you determine

For each form, an appropriate workflow is defined. Sometimes, there’s a need to create actions as part of the process, maybe there’s also a need for multiple processing steps. Other times, it’s just a simple data capture to document the work or the control that has been carried out. EQS supports both. Once the form and workflow are designed, it’s available for immediate use on PC, tablet and phone. All the user needs is a web browser.

Registrations can also be done when “offline”

With the EQS Offline module, you can still register messages even if you’re in a location without internet access – they’ll be sumbitted when EQS reconnects to the internet. This allows you to make necessary registrations and checks wherever you are. EQS ensures traceability and manages access, while also alerting the person responsible for the next part of the work. As soon as the deviation report, checklist, or report is sent, the registration is also available in the message overview in the system. This is facilitated by the powerful reporting and analysis tool in EQS Workflow, which enables you to create reports and diagrams (including pivot functionality), perform free-text searches in all registrations, as well as filter and group content based on date, responsibility, status, unit, content in form fields, and much more. And of course, you can also choose to export the captured data to Excel if you prefer.


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