Register incidents anywhere – anytime

EQS Offline makes it possible for users to register incidents, nonconformities etc. anywhere, anytime, inside or outside mobile coverage.

Organizations with many field workers have much to gain by making the internal systems available out in the fields. For many employees, registration first happens when they’re back at the office, and thus can the actual registration be forgotten or misstated. An incident that’s not reported, is a lost opportunity for improvement.

Key features

  • Access and use the solution via the browser on the mobile device
  • Enter data in forms even when outside mobile coverage
  • Automatically sends the registered data to the intended recipient
  • Registrations get the same treatment as if they were registered inside of mobile coverage
  • Everyone in the organization can contribute anywhere and anytime
  • More incidents and nonconformities will be registered
  • Improved quality
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Mobile phone offline

EQS Offline – Register nonconformities, or other records, anywhere, anytime.

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