The Incident Management module in EQS provides the capability to capture whatever information you need to record and investigate. Gain invaluable insights and carry out action to all types of incidents.

With EQS Incident Management you can track, analyze, prevent nonconformities and related costs. By improving efficiency and quality in the organization’s workflow, EQS reduce costs. Users are able to register incidents anywhere, anytime, whenever it happens, inside or outside network coverage, in their own language with limited or no training at all. The system contributes to an increased focus on actions and solutions, and highlights the risks that are the basis for good Risk Management.

Benefits and key features:

The Incident Management in EQS can provide you accurate and up-to-date information, which businesses needs to make the “right” decisions. The reporting functionality in EQS ensures effective capture of information and minimizes the risk of inaccuracy data.
• Nonconformity system customized for the organization.
• Quick and simple construction of all kinds of forms.
• Anonymous registration and anonymous fields are possible.
• Integration with other systems possible.
• Costs and hours spent at all stages of noncompliance might be registered.

EQS as a system for nonconformities ensure that:

• All users have the possibility to easily post messages in the system.
• All users might track the status of their message.
• Messages are always sent to the correct receiver, and messages are never lost.
• The message receiver will always have a set of tools available for further processing.
• Messages provide a solid foundation for statistics, reporting and improvement of the quality work.
• Nonconformities and messages can be related to existing quality documents and procedures
• Different kinds of messages might be handled differently, but they are all the same easily retrievable.
• It is possible for all users to contribute. A browser is all you need.
• Management of nonconformities becomes an integrated part of the quality system.
• Statistics can be exported to Excel or similar tools for further processing.
• It is possible to create separate statistics with graphical presentation.

Bestill demo av EQS kvalitetssystem

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